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First Article for IACES

First Article for IACES
22:21:43 27-01-2015 Roberto Zambrano


Finally IACES landed ITALY!! We are proud our local committee as the first one in Italy !

I’m Roberto Zambrano , president of LC Salerno, and I’m attending the last year of Civil Engineering Master Degree at University of Salerno. Our first exchange with IACES was in Istanbul , CivilCon’14. It was a fantastic experience to meet a lot of guys from every part of the world and to discover another culture and way to live. In the beginning we was three students, now we are seven in LC’s Board (Angelo, Carla, Maria Cristina, Vincenzo, Vittorio and Toni) and many others members.

Now in a few lines I want to present our University and our LC’s aim.

The University of Salerno is one of the largest in southern Italy (over  43.000 students) and its structure is that of campus with green spaces , two library, students residence and swimming pool. Salerno is a seaside city near Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful place in the world where we certainly will bring incoming students .

The department of Civil Engineering has about 4,500 students and the best  research activities are in Geotechnical  Structural and Sanitary Environmental Engineering .

A lot of students are enrolling in our LC committee and some of them will take part in some international event like Access’14 and an exchange with LC Delft.

We hope to organize in 2015 an international event on the “Green Engineering” and to involve other LCs of IACES , who is interested in please contact us!

We all are available to meet other guys also on skype or facebook , our contacts you will find on the new web site …don’t esitate!

Finally we want to close our presentation with a aphorism of Marcel Proust which now best stands for our feeling:

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.







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